As a designer, thinker, athlete, and doer; I thrive in collective environments, working together to conquer goals. I'm also blessed with hyper focus abilities and work very well on my own as well. 
As a child, I was nicknamed Kyle Smile and Questions; by making people smile, listening, and thirsting the ‘what & why’ of pretty much everything…all in efforts to make genuine connections through a true understanding to create inspiring designs for the brands and businesses I work with.

As a designer, I continue to fuel that same passion through a compilation of experiences; design from a B2B & retail owner (apparel & snowboard shop) perspective, branding small businesses to compete with national brands, co-establishing encouraging and engaging events, teaching workshops, at one point retouching megamodels for Vogue. I have a heart of integrity merged with a tenacious work ethic, a proficient mind, and skillful hands; always interested in connecting with the next challenge and how to maximize results.