Progression is endless.
Positive progression is a passion to make everyday better than the last, choosing to be a problem solver rather than a problem maker. We can sit, bitch, and put up walls or put that same energy into finding answers and making it happen. Driven by a perpetual desire to endlessly explore curiosity, filling a void, feeding a vice, inspiring and encouraging people through engaging and emotional experiences. Using proven procedures and thought processes to create innovative ideas, products, and brands through various design mediums.

Integrity above all.
I hold myself and my work the the highest of standards, and I'll always provide honest constructive feedback regardless of fault. I live on the edge, work really hard, play even harder, and create with thoughtfulness and purpose.

Collective collaborations, birthing inspiration and innovation.
Feel free to contact me anytime for full-time, freelance, contract branding or design work, drawing hangouts, street photography sessions, pick-up soccer games, outdoor adventures, or shredding Mt Hood.

Portland, Oregon is my home.



Technical Skills

A  well trained eye
Technical hand drawing
Marker rendering
Studio lighting
Environmental lighting
Basic understanding of CSS and HTML

Software & Platforms

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Microsoft Excel
Mac & PC Friendly


IDA 15 - Gold Medal: Print, Professional
'93 - Scholastic Gold Key Award: Print




Graphic design
Branding design
Logo design
Image editing
Identity systems
Commercial photography
Photo retouching
Product design
Package design
Catalog design
Streamlining processes
Effective problem solving
Quick and creative thinking
Writing and thought leadership
Brand strategy and positioning
Deep thinking and teamwork




Solving problems.

Breaking norms.
Pushing limits.
Getting weird.
Exploring curiosity.
Living liftedly in Oregon!